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Here's a small sampling of the logos we've designed over the span of our 40+ years in business.

What Makes an Effective Logo?

The short answer? An effective logo is distinct and will help the public identify a company in seconds.
However, it gets tricky when you're looking to grow your business, as a significant role of a logo is to help form a positive first impression.
While it's a common phrase to "not judge a book by its cover" this is exactly what we do with brands. On average it only takes us 7 seconds to form an impression of a new brand, and once formed, it can take a great deal of effort (read time & money) to alter those perceptions.
First impressions matter!
Think about it the next time you're walking down the grocery aisle looking for a product you've never purchased before... how do you decide who gets your money? You judge your choices based on how they look. Even brands that target the frugal shopper have carefully crafted their look to be easily identified.

If you're a newly formed company in need of a logo, or you're looking to 'freshen up' your look, or you're wanting to rebrand, as part of a plan to grow your market share, let us help you put your best foot forward!

We'll make look good!


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